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What We Do: 

We live transfers calls to attorneys! 

Our leads are prequalified to your specifications.

Our custom campaigns target the most relevant customers for your firm. 

Our callers are educated on your practice. 

Lead Generation

Accident Injury Pro is a world-class in-house digital marketing team focuses exclusively on targeting and connecting with victims that are searching for local attorneys and ultimately legal representation. We work tirelessly to provide quality leads through testing, reporting and optimizing our digital marketing campaigns.

In-house Call Center & Pre-qualifications

Our professional intake department is trained to handle each intake session with the highest level of quality and compassion. Our intake system is built upon unique parameters and algorithms that allow us to dynamically improve quality and conversions. Our intake process is customized to provide the most accurate intake information. 

How To Become a Partner

Accident Injury Pro is extremely particular about our legal partners. We use several qualification measures in order for you to qualify for our program. These measures include local offices and intake teams, attorney must be in good standings with the bar association and licensed in the state your are intending to receive leads in. Our attorneys MUST be willing to call the potential clients directly and or receive live transfers. Our callers expect the highest level of customer service! Please call our office if you feel your firm would be a match for our platform. 

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