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Disclaimer: Guidelines for use of this website

  1. This service is specifically designed for auto accident victims who are unable to pick up their accident records in person.

  2. Such users of this service understand that all record requests are made in conformity to the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) (18 USC § 2721, et seq.)

  3. The service is purely for the accident victim to acquire their accident record.

  4. This service is sponsored by a healthcare and/or legal professional and their representatives, but the use of this service does not form or otherwise constitute a patient/healthcare or client/legal relationship.

  5. As part of the services provided by us, the accident victim can expect a phone call from a healthcare and/or legal professional or one of their representatives to ensure the accident record has been delivered, and to offer access to healthcare and/or legal services.

  6. The service is not in any way affiliated with any law enforcement agency. It is privately owned by a third party. By entering their details and hitting submit, all accident victims affirm their agreement to the terms of this service.

  7. Your information is kept private and is protected by appropriate security practices. It is collected for the sole use of health care or legal professionals and their representatives as outlined in the guidelines and terms of service listed on our website.

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